Portugal’s Geography and climate

Portugal is located in the Iberian Peninsula, in the southwestern part of Europe. Half of its territory is coastal, and the other half borders Spain. the Azores and Madeira Islands are also controlled by Portugal.

These islands are subject to very strong earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical cyclones. Madeira is located on the African Tectonic Plate, and the Azores are located between the junction of the African, European and North American Plates. This archipelago counts a total of 9 islands, and both of the island groups are volcanic in nature with historic volcanology and seismic activity persisting to the present time.

The Portuguese coast have wonderful beaches that are worldwide famous.These actually attract many tourists each year. An average of 13 million tourist visit this country every year. The capital Lisbon is one of the cities that is attracting most tourists in Europe.

Portugal’s Exclusive Economic Zone is the third largest of Europe and the eleventh in the world. This represents the area over which Portugal has special rights over the exploration and use of marine resources. This is certainly one of the reasons why their gastronomy is so rich in Fish dishes.

The climate in Portugal is Mediterranean and the temperature is mild in winter and hot and dry in summer, and can cause devastating wildfires in this country. Very cold temperatures can occur occasionally in the mountains in winter, but it never or rarely goes under zero degrees Fahrenheit. The country has long sunny days in the summer with an average of 10 to 12 hours of sun.

Concerning the climate on the islands, it is more of a tropical climate, with mild temperatures and rain in winters, and mostly dry and hot in summers.

Of course, like many countries now, the air and the water are victim of pollution caused by vehicles emissions, especially around the shores, because of a very high traffic and because of their large Exclusive Economic Zone.

It is still well worth the trip to visit the beaches here. Many of the tourists who visit each year are return guest. They state when asked that the trip is top notch and second to none. They say that in all their travels they have found it hard to replicate or improve upon the trip to Portugal. It is due to the nature of the weather and the surplus of beaches. The hospitality comes in as a secondary but very important reason to visit as well. You can find some of the finest places to stay in the world on your trip to the country. It really is a first class destination that everyone should try at least one time in their life. You will not be sorry you took my advise.

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